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It's not about the technology

It’s about the artistry. All too often a brilliant, much-needed technology comes around and is misused by inexperienced hands. Immersive viewing (more commonly known as 'virtual tours') has become a recent victim. We've observed many 'virtual tours' shot by inexperienced photographers. There is even one company that markets an optical system and they tell potential customers that "all you need is our lens and a digital camera to produce virtual tours". Unfortunately for many home sellers, the poor image quality has tainted the reputation of immersive viewing to such a point that many people think it is a poor technology. We are here to prove to you that the technology is fine, it works, and can help you market your home. It just needs to be in the hands of a seasoned imaging professional that knows how to produce the quality images that your home deserves.

Take a cue from Madison Avenue.

Americans are subjected to over 1,000 media messages a day and most of them are visual. The advertising industry learned many years ago that in order to ‘rise above the noise’ the message needs to grab the viewers attention and hold it.

There is no denying that quality photographs help to sell any product or service quicker and for a higher price. If that wasn’t true magazines would be filled with amateur snapshots taken with disposable cameras. Take a good look at the magazines you read and the TV commercials you watch. Notice the care and attention advertisers put into creating a photograph for even the simplest of products. Doesn’t your property warrant the same treatment? The OnlinePropertyShowcase™ allows you to present your property's best features with the "Madison Avenue" techniques used by seasoned professional photographers. Years in the business have taught them how to create images that grab a viewer's attention. Your listing will stand out among the many and ‘rise above the noise’ allowing you to sell it quicker and for a higher price.

The OnlinePropertyShowcase™ - "so much more than a virtual tour!"